Edition 25, 2013
Bayer Promotes Junior Researchers

Talented Junior Researchers

  • The mathematics of cables: for their
  • The global market in view: chemist Dr. Hermann Bach dedicates his skills today to new marketing and innovation concepts, for instance in building construction. He sees this work as a critical link in the innovation process.
The mathematics of cables: for their "Jugend forscht” project, Laura Mähler and Sebastian Kassing from Aldgrever High School in Soest turned their attention to the mathematics of the special "cablecam” cameras used in soccer stadiums. Their formulas can also be applied to solve much more abstract problems in mathematics. The two 18-year-old "Jugend forscht” participants won a prize in the national finals for their work.

"Jugend forscht" is Germany's foremost science competition for school-age students. Young people who excel in math, IT, the natural sciences and engineering can enter to test their ideas and experience what it means to explore new territory as researchers. Many of Bayer's research scientists took part in "Jugend forscht" in their youth as well.

Read on here about the competition, the 48the national finals in the BayArena soccer stadium in Leverkusen and about three Bayer researchers who began their scientific careers in the Jugend forscht competition: